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When does the program start and when does the application period begin?

The master program starts every year in October. You can send your application from January to April to uni-assist.

For details see page: How to apply.

Where can i send my applications?

You have to send your applications to uni-assist.

Here, you can find a detailed description of the application procedure: How to apply.

Is there an application deadline?

The application deadline for international students is April 30st.

This means: Your application has to be complete on April 30st.
The application procedure via uni-assist takes some time. In the past, many students needed a few weeks for the completion of all application documents.
Therefore, we strongly recommend to start with the application procedure not later than March.

What are the admission requirements?

The requirements can be found on page Admissions Requirements.

What minimum GPA is required?

Most countries have different grading systems. The specific method of converting foreign grades to the German system is quite difficult. For this reason we cooperate with the uni-assist service that is doing the conversion.

We (TH Köln) can not say what the minimum GPA at your university is. However, after your application at uni-assist the exact result will be issued.

Can I apply for the Master's program with a degree in mechanical engineering or another engineering subject?

In general, a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering or a degree other than electrical engineering, control engineering or computer science does not exactly match the scope of our master program.
However, you can send us your application. It is helpful if you have a strong focus on control theory or computer science.

Is it possible to apply for a scholarship and if so which are the requirements for candidates that can apply for a scholarship?

We suggest that you have a look at the following webpage from the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, German Academic Exchange Service)

This page lists several opportunities for scholarships, just fill in

-the subject ( engineering science )
-your country
-and your status (postgraduates)

and you will receive an overview of different scholarships you can apply to. If you follow the links you will see how and when you can apply to them.

I need a letter from your university, stating that I have contacted you, for my DAAD scholarship application. How can I obtain one ?

Please send us your documents translated in English or German (certificates, report cards) together with a letter of motivation via email.
On this basis, we will make an effort to provide a temporary, non-binding statement about your acceptance to our master program, if you should be succesful in getting a DAAD scholarship.

If I fulfill your application requirements, will I get a place in the master course Automation & IT ?

If you fulfill the application requirements, it does not necessarily mean that you will be selected for our master course.

Please, be aware that the application requirements are only necessary but not sufficient conditions. We have many applications for a limited number of places. Therefore, not all applicants can get a place in our program. We suggest that you should send application documents to other universities, too.

Can I apply directly to the university?

No, you can not send your application directly to our university. The administration of our university is not able to evaluate if an application from a foreign country meets the formal requirements for a master program. This task is performed by uni-assist.
Therefore, you have to send your application to this address:

TH Köln
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststrasse 5
D-10829 Berlin

This is an address of uni-assist, not of our university.

Can I study the master course Automation & IT offered by TH Köln in part time ?

The master course Automation & IT is a full time course of study. It is not possible to follow this program in part time.

Do you offer a summer semester intake ?

No, we do not offer a summer semester intake.

Is it possible for me to continue my studies after the master course to achieve a PhD degree ?

There are a number of PhD students in our university. Please check the following website :

A PhD graduation can only be made in collaboration with other universities.
We usually find an individual PhD graduation possibility for suitably qualified students, but this has to be organized for each PhD student individually.

Could you please tell me how I can get my transcript photocopies officially authenticated because I do not live in germany.

You can usually authenticate your copies at your university, in a german embassy or at a certified notary in your home country.

I am still in my bachelor's final year, and I won't receive my degree by the end of the deadline, can I still apply for the master course ?

Yes, you can apply for the master course Automation & IT even if you did not receive your diploma yet.

You can hand in your diploma documents later, but you have to submit an actual transcript of records (see How to apply).