Master of Eng. in Automation & IT
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Automation & IT   Course   Modules


Industrial Communication and Information Security in Industrial Automation

The module makes students familiar with concepts, architectures and technologies of industrial communications and network security.
The module covers the full range of communication from real-time Ethernet networks to internet-based applications and remote access scenarios. It focuses on both management and technology aspects. more

Integration of Technical and Business Information Systems

This module covers relational database systems, manufacturing execution systems and enterprise resource planning systems. A key point is the integration of these systems into company IT architectures. more

Modelling and Simulation of Technical Systems

This module focuses on methods and technologies for modeling, as well as the simulation of continuous and discrete event systems. "State of the art“ continuous and discrete event simulation software will be used on a regular basis. more

Control of Technical Systems

This module qualifies students in the application of linear, nonlinear and model-predictive control, and the automation of discrete event systems. more

Optimization of Technical Systems

This module qualifies students in the practical optimization using precise mathematical and stochastic procedures. more

Case Study: Industrial Communications & Industrial Security (ICIS)

Concepts and methods of "Security of Systems and Networks" and "Development and Operation of Mobile and Distributed Systems" come together in this case study.

Case Study: Vertical Integration (VI)

Methods and tools of the module "Integration of Technical and Business Information Systems" are applied to realistic sample problems. more

Case Study: Modelling, Simulation, Control and Optimization (MSCO)

Concepts and methods of "Modelling and Simulation of Technical Processes" and "Advanced Process Control and Optimization" come together in the case study. Examples from actual practice will provide the most realistic training of the engineering cycle for solving control or optimization problems. more

Master Thesis

The master's degree thesis is intended to demonstrate the examinee's capacity for independent scientific work, particularly for independent and timely problem solving in one of the subject areas in the Automation and IT master's degree. more