Master of Eng. in Automation & IT
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Case Studies

Qualification aims

Students can

  • create a case study


  • understanding the technical or scientific problem
  • Identifying relevant previous work in the literature
  • developing solution approaches
  • evaluating the solution approaches
  • selecting and implementing the best approach
  • writing a report that describes the methods and the approach used
  • presenting the work in a seminar


  • specialize in a sub-area of the Master’s programme
  • develop their abilities to solve a technical or scientific problem
  • be qualified for a professional career as automation engineer



Lecturers of master program

Credit points

10 CP



Team size

2 - 4 members

Case study categories:

  • Industrial Communication and Information Security (ICIS)
  • Integration of Technical and Business Information Systems (ITBS)
  • Modelling and Simulation of Technical Systems (MSTS)
  • Control of Technical Systems (CTS)
  • Optimization of Technical Systems (OTS)

Case studies:

  • 10 CP for each case study
  • 3 case studies are necessary
  • Case studies have to be processed in teams
  • Each student has to select three case studies. Each case study has to be from a different category.